2020.10.7 LP and Digital Release
PEJF-91031 NWM-005
[LP] 定価 ¥3,000円+税

side A. ashiato part 1
side B. ashiato part 2


Tatsuhisa Yamamoto
Electronics, synth, piano, sound edit, field recording, percussion, drums
Eiko Ishibashi
Piano, flute, electronics
Toshiaki Sudoh
recording engineer : Toshiaki Sudoh
recorded at Hoshi to Niji Recording Studio,
mix : Toshiaki Sudoh and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto
mastering : Jim O’Rourke
cover photos : Kuniyoshi Taikou
design : Lasse Marhaug

New masterpieces join the body of outstanding electronic music and experimental work by drummers! Presenting two new albums from Tatsuhisa Yamamoto:

ashioto from Oren Ambarchi’s “Black Truffle Records”
ashiato from the borderless Japanese electronic music label “NEWHERE MUSIC”

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto is a drummer from Yamaguchi, Japan well known throughout the country for his work in Jazz, Improvisation, Rock, and more. He performed on the acclaimed Drag City records “The Dreams My Bones Dream” by Eiko Ishibashi, “Simple Songs” by Jim O’Rourke, and his wide interests have led him to be drummer of choice for Free Jazz legend Akira Sakata. Yamamoto has also performed with Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi, and Phew among others. He has toured extensively throughout Europe and is also known in the world of theater for his work with the internationally renowned Japanese troupe “Mum & Gypsy.”

Recently, Yamamoto is actively releasing solo and collaborative electronic music and experimental works on Bandcamp. Now, he’s releasing two completely different albums born from the same concept, from two labels in two different countries. ashioto from “Black Truffle Records” a label run by Oren Ambarchi that has attracted much attention in the electronic, experimental, and improvised music scenes. And ashiato from “NEWHERE MUSIC” a Japanese electronic music label that’s released work by Jim O’Rourke, the Japanese edition of an album by Phew & Ana da Silva (Raincoats), and more.

“Music fans around the world might come across these two at a record store somewhere.” In 2020, with the world cut off by distance, this simultaneous release from two labels in different lands and with different cultures teems with a playfulness for the enjoyment of music. The artwork for the two albums also incorporates a surprise you can discover when handling the records.

What happens when you apply different directorial approaches to the same script at the same time? This was the impulse that set production of the albums in motion. In addition to playing drums and percussion Yamamoto also takes on electronics, synthesizer, piano, and field recordings to produce the entire work by rearranging the guest musician’s superb improvisations. He is making a crucial leap from drummer to a musician with a strong will.
Several keywords beat a path to this work: drone, ambient, improvisation, etc. But this music represents a world born from Yamamoto’s unique fluency with sound dynamics and the acoustic and electronic in the context of live performance.

山本達久、レーベルからは初となるソロ名義でのアルバムは、オ ー レ ン・ア ン バ ー チ 主 催 の “Black Truffle
Records”、そして日本の電子音楽レーベル“NEWHERE MUSIC”から、2枚の一卵性双生児が海を超えて1作ずつ誕生。

“マームとジプシー” の音楽なども手掛けている。ジム、石橋英子とのトリオ “カフカ鼾”
Jazz Festival への参加や、cafe oto 招聘によるアートギャラリーでのソロパフォーマンス、石橋のバンドメンバーとして

多岐に渡る活動や、Bandcamp 等での勢力的なソロ・コラボ作品のリリースからは意外にも感じるが、今回、レーベルから初となるソロ名義2作品のリリースが決定した。片方の「ashioto(あしおと)」が、電子・実験・即興音楽シーンで最注目のレーベルであるオーレン・アンバーチ主宰“Black Truffle Records”から。もう片方の「ashiato(あしあと)」が、ジム・オルークやアナ・ダ・シルバ(レインコーツ)&Phewなどの作品を発表してきた日本の電子音楽レーベル “NEWHERE MUSIC”から、同じ着想をもとに生まれた姿形を変えた全くの別作品として発表される。

世界が距離で遮断されてしまった 2020 年に洋の東西のレーベルから発売されることは、世界中の音楽ファンがどこかのレコード屋でこの2枚に出会うかもしれない──そんな想像力を掻き立て、この作品を愛のある創作物へと仕立てている。この2作を手にとったときに分かる仕掛けにも是非注目して欲しい。